EII: ep 2 – The (Knights of the) Old Republic games – (LEGENDS)

EII: ep 2 – The (Knights of the) Old Republic games – (LEGENDS)

Elysia wanders off the Canon path, this time with the help of Marcin, to talk about one of the most important and beloved series in the history of Star Wars games: The Knights of the Old Republic, The Knights of Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, and The Old Republic MMO.

We summarize the plots (full spoilers), the gameplay, and what makes these games so special – plus the lore that already has or probably will make the leap to Canon status. There's even bonus talk about the evolution of Star Wars gaming since the '90s, and previews of gaming coverage to come.

This is an episode for both deep fans of the games and people who never play games at all.

Recorded May 10, 2024

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