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David, John, & Elysia are The Lorehounds: Your guides to your favorite TV, books, and more. From science-fiction and fantasy to big-budget prestige dramas, The Lorehounds provide deep discussions of themes, characters, and production details. Get ad-free and early episodes at Upcoming coverage includes:
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Doctor Who - S01E04 - Boom
The LorehoundsMay 21, 202400:46:1942.42 MB

Doctor Who - S01E04 - Boom

Elysia and John recap the fourth episode of the soft reboot of Doctor Who  on BBC1 and Disney+. They discuss the return of Steven Moffat, the heavy critiques of religion and capitalism, and the ongoing mysteries of this debut season. Then, they answer listener feedback. Links to Patreon, Supercast,...

Fallout Lore - Episode 2 - The Dawn of the New California Republic
Radioactive RamblingsMay 20, 202400:43:0639.46 MB

Fallout Lore - Episode 2 - The Dawn of the New California Republic

Tune into Radioactive Ramblings as Aaron and Richard dive into the founding of the iconic New California Republic. From Vault 15 comes a story of hope turned to corruption for the wasteland's greatest democracy (aside from the Republic of Dave). Contact Us Questions or comments? Visit theloreho...

#57 - Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)
Properly Howard Movie ReviewMay 20, 202401:07:1361.55 MB

#57 - Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)

Steve and Anthony unionize with Grosse Pointe Blank. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

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