The Acolyte – S01E02 – Revenge / Justice
The LorehoundsJune 08, 202401:34:1286.25 MB

The Acolyte – S01E02 – Revenge / Justice

We now know who is killing Jedi – so in this deep dive into the second episode of The Acolyte on Disney+ John and Elysia ask why. Is it for “Revenge / Justice”? They break down means and motives, Jecki and Qimir's jokes, Force witches, the relative sussness of all the characters so far, and as always Yord's hair.

The mystery deepens. The wookiee Jedi roars “GET OFF MY LAWN!” Sol shines as a beacon of hope…so far.

Trailer-based discussion: 01:02:3901:08:59

Part of The Star Wars Canon Timeline-Lorehounds crossover series

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