Oscars Coverage - Part 1 - The Headliners
The LorehoundsFebruary 27, 202402:53:44159.07 MB

Oscars Coverage - Part 1 - The Headliners

David and Elysia officially kick off the Lorehounds Oscar prep series with a look at the biggest awards categories: taking you through the 10 Best Picture nominees one at a time, ranked by number of nominations, as well as the Acting, Directing, and Writing categories – what's what, where to watch, who's expected to win, and the biggest stories and controversies of the year.

Along the way they're joined by Elysia's father Jim to discuss the Killers of the Flower Moon adaptation and history behind it, Marilyn to get into Barbie and being an OG collector, Ron of Dungeons & DuRags to break down what makes American Fiction special, and voicemails from film fan members of the Lorehounds community and beyond to shine a spotlight on the categories and films they're most passionate about this year.

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