The Acolyte – S01E03 – Destiny
The LorehoundsJune 14, 202401:58:39108.63 MB

The Acolyte – S01E03 – Destiny

A flashback episode set 16 years before everything we saw in the first two episodes of The Acolyte offers the beginnings of answers – and Elysia and John mine episode 3: “Destiny” for all possible hints of what happened that night, what we might see next, and lore worth knowing.

But first, fellow Lorehounds host David joins them for a soul-searching opening conversation on the nature of power, parenthood, the place of science in fantasy, and what it means to be a Jedi. 

Trailer-based discussion: 01:36:1301:39:33

Part of The Star Wars Canon Timeline-Lorehounds crossover series

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