MCUniverse: Our Fox Marvel funeral (Deadpool & Wolverine prep)
The LorehoundsJune 27, 202402:11:01119.96 MB

MCUniverse: Our Fox Marvel funeral (Deadpool & Wolverine prep)

Elysia and Jean help you prep for next month's Deadpool & Wolverine with a big, fat goodbye power-ranking of all 18 films in the Fox Marvel universe (01:04:15) – which ones are worth watching, for D&W cameos or quality, and which are best left to nostalgia?

But before that, they get Jean's reactions to X-Men '97 (00:35:28), his X-Men comic book recommendations (including current issues), and talk through the latest Marvel news (00:06:30), including:

"The Spider Within" short film

The Hollywood Reporter's Blade development article

New Rockstars' What If: Marvel Immersive review

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