The Acolyte – S01E05 – Night
The LorehoundsJune 28, 202401:38:1890 MB

The Acolyte – S01E05 – Night

Elysia and John dissect "Night," episode 5 of The Acolyte – a thrilling gut punch of an episode. From secret Sith and secret second blades to the Knights of Ren and our goodbye to saying John's favorite name on the show – unlike Bazil we won't leave you alone in the jungle (of Acolyte analysis).

Trailer-based discussion: 01:17:47 – 01:19:52

Part of The Star Wars Canon Timeline-Lorehounds crossover series

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Music: “The Force Theme” by Joanna Haltman & The Lorehounds Star Wars theme by John from the Lorehounds

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